Penny de Borst

Head of Brand and Partnerships

Purposeful connector and advocate for clear communication

For several years, Penny was Write’s Business Development Manager. Now she’s focusing on her true passion — marketing Write’s expertise and connecting our brand with like-minded people and organisations.

For Penny, plain language is about fostering trust and reaping its benefits. ‘When an organisation communicates with clarity, its customers can feel a sense of trust, because they’re hearing a language they understand.’ That trust leads to measurable commercial benefits, she says — a better bottom line, better customer relations, and a better reputation.

Penny works with New Zealand-based and international clients who have larger projects in mind. She helps them to change their communication culture across teams and whole organisations.

Creating impact for good

Right from the start, Penny was drawn to Write’s purpose — using the power of words for good. People need accessible information to take part in democracy, Penny says. She loves working towards this greater purpose by encouraging organisations to follow a plain language path.

As part of Write’s senior leadership team, Penny was involved in the process of gaining our B Corp certification. She sees huge alignment of B Corp’s ‘better business’ values with Write’s core purpose. She’s keen to tell the world about the positive impact of clear communication on people’s lives.

‘Everyone has a right to understand the information they’re receiving so they can fully participate in society.’


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