Meredith Thatcher


Meticulous editor, researcher, project manager

Meredith provides expert consultancy, tailoring Write’s services to projects of all kinds. Based in Auckland, she has worked extensively with the defence, security, tertiary education, and incident response sectors.

Meredith works for organisations throughout New Zealand, including central and local government, academic institutions, corporates, utilities, and other businesses.

Tackling complexity with sensitivity and flair

She’s an experienced project manager with extensive knowledge of the publication process. Meredith often works on projects that are complex and sensitive, involving multiple parts and authors.

Her versatility, contextual intelligence, and analytical skills are strengths. She’s a highly competent technical writer, editor, proofreader, researcher, indexer, and a published author. She’s also an advanced user of Word and Adobe Acrobat DC.

Meredith draws from her experience working in diverse fields — including research centres, academic publishing, and legal firms — and holds a Master of Arts (with honours).

Meticulous and fast, Meredith is an accredited editor with the Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd), the professional association for Australian and New Zealand editors.

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