Lynda Harris

Founder and Chief Executive

Visionary founder with clarity of purpose

Lynda is a communications specialist who believes that plain language makes the world a better place. Supported by her like-minded team, she’s built a company that aims to put clarity and connection at the heart of every business communication.

Lynda believes that clear communication isn’t just a ‘nice-to-have’. It’s essential to the smooth and successful operation of any organisation. Poor writing wastes time and money, but it also risks losing the trust of customers.

Under Lynda’s leadership, Write has become the largest plain language consultancy in the world. It is the first plain language consultancy to be certified as a B Corp, balancing profit with purpose.

The consistent theme of her work has been to inspire people to achieve change — helping people and organisations to understand that plain language is desirable and achievable, and makes good business sense.

In today’s world, where transparency and ethical practices are more valued than ever, plain language is a vehicle to help achieve positive change.

Achieving change through standards-setting

Lynda has developed research-based standards and models that countless organisations have used to their advantage.

Her Rewrite for Change™ Model is a practical framework for implementing and sustaining a plain language culture in any organisation. The model is explained in Lynda’s book Rewrite: How to overcome daily sabotage of your brand and profit. She also developed the WriteMark and WriteMark Plus, New Zealand’s quality marks for clear communication.

Lynda is highly respected in the international plain language community. In 2015, her international peers awarded her the prestigious Mowat Plain Language Achievement Award.

A member of the International Plain Language Federation, Lynda has been involved in various subcommittees supporting the development of the ISO plain language standard. She sees its development as an important step in making plain language ‘business as usual’ around the world.

Now that Aotearoa’s Plain Language Act 2022 is in effect, Lynda is continuing to do innovative work to support organisations to meet the requirements of the new Act.


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