Lea McInerney


Creative consultant with organisational insight

Adelaide-based Lea is a versatile plain language consultant, moving easily between training, reviewing, writing, and facilitating.

She’s worked on many ‘wraparound’ projects focused on improving writing culture across an organisation. These might involve assessing where clients are at from senior leaders to team members, through to training everyone to write more effectively. As well, Lea can create resources for people to use in the workplace to support the skills they’ve learnt on a workshop.

Questioning complexity and facilitating solutions

Lea brings rich and varied experience to her work — she’s been a public policy advisor, a senior manager, and a consultant in organisational development and training. She holds writing qualifications from Melbourne’s RMIT University. She also advises the university on industry needs for clear communication.

Clients value her knack for asking the right question — the question that helps them cut through complex issues and find the clearest way forward. Workshop participants value her warm and engaging style.

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