Jacob Lister


Calm and encouraging trainer who empowers writers

Jacob listens to clients’ needs and also observes areas for improvement. He crafts bespoke workshops that help people feel empowered in their writing. They learn how to write in a way that connects with their audience.

He aims for his participants to leave the workshop with skills that are tailored to helping them solve their problems.

His training role at Write is a blend of his passions: facilitation and communication. Jacob’s approach is relaxed and open-minded, which helps build participants’ confidence. He believes that comfortable, confident people are happier to try new things and push their boundaries.

With his facilitation experience, Jacob easily builds rapport. He is keen to put people at ease. He recognises that business writing can be really daunting for some people.
With his relaxed approach, he aims to dispel the pressure. His calm persona translates to online workshops, offering flexible training to workplaces anywhere.

Showing plain language is accessible and inclusive

Jacob wants people to realise that making content accessible is inclusive: it benefits you, and engages your audience.

Jacob appreciates working in a B Corp where he can empower others to use words for good. He brings his values-based skillset from previous roles to this one.

As a youth worker, Jacob led group facilitation work, teaching young people about healthy relationships and effective communication skills. He trained as a secondary school teacher, then changed direction for a better work–life balance.

Jacob’s areas of specialty

All our consultants have the skills and smarts to make any workshop a success. But they each have special passions too.

Jacob really loves:

Jacob is an extremely charismatic teacher. He communicated in a very engaging style, and the workshop was very interactive and enjoyable.

Adam W
Ministry of Justice

Thanks to Jacob, who facilitated today's course expertly. Good pacing, ensuring everyone had a chance to participate, kept it engaging, and strong content knowledge.

Neil M
Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People

Jacob's presentation style is as per the writing style we have been taught to do: interesting, succinct, with impact! Well done Jacob.

Julie Y

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