Earnsy Liu


Skilled communicator with an eye for accessibility

Earnsy is an experienced communicator who is equally comfortable working with words and numbers. She’ll ensure your messages are useful to your target audience by explaining them clearly and concisely, so people know what action to take. She can also develop graphs, tables, and other visuals to convey complex information at a glance. Give her a spreadsheet and she’ll be busy sorting, analysing, and graphing data before you know it.

Earnsy is analytical and methodical. Working in diverse jobs before joining Write has given her wide-ranging skills and experience. She’s keenly interested in many different areas of communication, including accessibility and user experience.

Earnsy enjoys sharing her knowledge through coaching others so they can express information and data more clearly.

Taking a diligent approach to vital business documents

She’s comfortable structuring, writing, or redrafting important documents, such as asset management plans, business cases, consultation papers, policies, procedures, and guidelines, to name just a few.

Until recently, Earnsy was on the board of TechCommNZ, New Zealand’s association of technical communicators. She remains an active member.

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