Anne-Marie Chisnall

Deputy Chief Executive and Head of Write Online

Insightful, dedicated leader and advocate for plain language

Anne-Marie has helped to shape our growth into the world’s largest plain language consultancy and the first plain language consultancy to receive B Corp certification.

She’s always focused on Write’s mission: using the power of words for good. That means helping businesses and organisations to achieve their strategic goals through clear communication. And it means ensuring that those businesses and organisations serve their customers well.

Anne-Marie guides and supports Write’s teams, ensuring projects maintain our high standards of quality and business impact — for clients and for Write internally.

Empowering customers and citizens

Using the Rewrite for Change™ Model, a framework for change management, Anne-Marie inspires clients to build their own culture of clear communication.

She advocates for clarity in government and business, because she knows it empowers people to make important financial, health, and legal decisions with ease. Now that Aotearoa’s Plain Language Act is in force, she loves to see organisations putting the Act’s requirements into practice.

Anne-Marie helped to develop the WriteMark and WriteMark Plus, New Zealand’s quality marks for clear communication. And she’s been part of the team behind Write Online, our library of microlearning content, since it began.

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