Amy Sue

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Approachable marketing maestro

Amy looks after Write’s open workshops. She spreads the word about upcoming workshops to our clients and beyond, and she manages registrations. She works closely with our relationship managers to ensure our clients get the most value from using Write’s services.

Ask us about attending an open workshop and Amy will make it happen for you. She’ll help you choose the workshop that best fits your needs, and she’ll make sure you have everything you need to get the most out of it.

Building awareness of the benefits of writing training is Amy’s main focus. She’s keen to show clients and workshop participants the clear value they can expect — and how they will use what they learn straight away.

Backing plain language and accessibility

Amy’s right behind Write’s mission of using the power of words for good. She recognises that plain language means accessibility for all.

When we can instantly understand the information being presented to us, we save time and avoid frustration.

Previously Amy has worked in customer service roles. This experience has given her patience, understanding, empathy, and wonderful interpersonal skills. She’s a great listener and adept at nurturing client relationships.

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