Document user-testing

How do your readers respond to your document? How does the writing and layout make them feel, believe, and act? Does your document get the results you are looking for?

Document user-testing gives you feedback from real readers

Document user-testing is a cost-effective, reliable way to test assumptions, prevent misunderstandings, or improve a document that’s not working well.

Document user-testing answers questions like these:

How we user-test your document

We’ll ask what you want to achieve with your document or project. We’ll set test goals and choose the best testing method. We’ll then recruit a test group that represents your users.

When we test your content, we’ll find out if users can accomplish typical tasks. We’ll check how well they understand your information. We’ll discover how easily they can find out what they need to do. We’ll also get their reaction to your document and find out what they’re likely to do with it.

What you get from document user-testing

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Insights, tips, and professional development opportunities.