Plain language, better outcomes

Plain language supports access to information, equity, and participation in society. It also improves efficiency and builds brand trust.

We’ve spent 30 years working with organisations to get better outcomes for the people they serve.

The benefits of plain language

Writing in plain language means your intended reader can read something once, understand it, and act on the information.

Plain language supports equity, accessibility, and inclusion. It builds trust and customer satisfaction. And plain language saves time and money.

Find out more about what plain language is, how it leads to better outcomes, and the research behind our work.

A Plain Language Bill for Aotearoa New Zealand

The Plain Language Bill is a private member’s Bill being considered by the New Zealand Parliament. If it becomes law, it will require all government agencies to communicate in plain language.

Find out more about the purpose of the Bill, what it would mean for Aotearoa New Zealand, and how you can support it.

An ISO standard for plain language

The International Plain Language Federation is developing an international plain language standard.

Learn about the ISO standard and how it could be used in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Are contracts for payday loans clear and understandable?

We believe that plain language is a vehicle to bring greater equality and access to justice in society. At Write, we’ve spent almost 30 years actively working towards that goal, and we’ve seen many examples of just the opposite!

This is our first venture into examining the language of important documents that affect ordinary people.

White Paper - Help or Harm? An analysis of the language used in payday loan contracts

Are contracts for payday loans clear and understandable?

Our first white paper analyses the language used in payday loan contracts. In Help or Harm? we uncover just how hard it is for people needing payday loans to understand what they’re signing up to. We also share pointers for consumers, and tips for writers.

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