Rapid reading stretches your brain — it needs the workout

Jayne Dalmer | November 30, 2016

If you could boost your brain power, improve your memory, carve out more time, and be more relaxed — without breaking a sweat — would you believe it?

The bad news is that no magic pill or class at the gym can do this.

The good news is that you can do all this by training yourself to read faster — you can even do it lying down.

An idle brain is a troublemaker

Most people still read at the same speed they learned at primary school — about 300 words a minute. At this rate your brain is idling, not even warmed up. To fill in the time while you move on to the next word it finds ways to distract you and jump backwards in the text. And you often forget what you’ve just read.

Image, inside brain.

Treat your brain to a workout — advanced reading is good for you. Image by A Health Blog / CC BY

Speed builds focus

Train yourself to read faster and give your brain the mental workout it needs. It’ll see a bigger slice of the story at once, get down to business sorting the incoming information, and make sophisticated connections. By spending a bit of effort processing the information, your brain transfers it into medium-term memory. End result — you’ve finished the text, thought deeply about it, and will remember it.

You now have time to read more and become even wiser, or put your feet up and relax with a cup of tea.

Ready set go — put theory into practice

Don’t take my word for it — the theory of rapid reading has been thoroughly researched, and the results are widely available.

It’s time to get active. Learning to read faster needs a good coach and regular practice.

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