Jayne Dalmer

Jayne Dalmer, trainer at Write.

Participants in our writing workshops benefit from Jayne’s mastery of both writing and training.

Jayne is an experienced educator and trainer with a broad background in communication, journalism, public relations, linguistics, and psychology. She’s also spent many years as a plain language expert, assessing documents and advising writers how to communicate complex topics clearly and precisely.

Outside work, Jayne likes arts, culture, and time with her family.

Praise for Jayne

'Combines great fun with real learning! Jayne was fantastic!'
Brent Watson, Ministry of Social Development

'Jayne is an excellent, informative, and engaging facilitator. This is the second course of hers I have attended and again I am very satisfied.'
Nicky Sherborne, Ministry of Justice

'A really valuable day and I have come away with some really good tools to help me in my day-to-day work. Big thank you to Jayne for making it so enjoyable.'
Jo Moyer, Ministry of Education

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