Claire Hewitt

In every aspect of Claire’s wide-ranging career, she has witnessed the power of plain language. She’s our Auckland-based trainer, coach, and facilitator. She earned both her degree and MBA there too.

Claire helps clients to work out what they know and what they need. Then she builds on their existing knowledge and skills so they can increase the value of their work as soon as they return to their desks.

Claire has seen plain language transform organisational culture in fields as diverse as business, healthcare, and education. She has coached businesses on using plain language to say what they mean, do what they say, and build trust and integrity in their brands. In a hospital where patients spoke 87 different languages, she saw plain language reduce barriers to vital services. Surprising fact: Claire’s an occasional DJ. Unsurprising fact: she does voluntary work, coaching people running start-ups and social enterprises.

Praise for Claire

Claire was incredibly knowledgeable and aware of the main issues we face as writers. She provided many helpful tips to help us write more effectively. Thank you!
Kate Heaphy, Boffa Miskell

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