Sam Lentle-Keenan

Sam is a star trainer and writer with two goals in mind: confident writers and purposeful documents.

She is a qualified and experienced adult educator, with a PhD in English. She takes care to understand her training clients’ thinking. She finds out what they need, then builds on their knowledge.

A skilled writer and published author, Sam has an analytical eye. Whether editing, reviewing, or writing, she creates effective documents that are easy to understand.

Sam believes that plain language is ethical language. It’s at the heart of a fair society, she says. ‘Everyone has the right to documents they can understand about the things that affect them, from laws and rules to contracts and advertising.’

Outside work, Sam cares for a Noah’s Ark of pets and writes poetry, fiction, and historical non-fiction.

Praise for Sam

Exceeded expectations! Facilitator is an expert in far more than the workshop content, and was able to answer many questions that were just barely related.
Maika Te Amo, Office of the Clerk

The trainer kept us motivated and moving through the programme. She had excellent communication skills, affirmed the participants experience, showed her enthusiasm for plain English and shared her love of language. Well done.
Karen Charmers, Office of the Clerk

I thought it was really great. The facilitator was amazing and engaging, and the concepts were presented in an interesting manner.
Adele Hogan MSD


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