My 4-year-old is a genius

Hannah can sing the whole alphabet in dinosaur names. I just have to bellow ‘A’ and she screams back ‘Apatosaurus’. She gets all the way to ‘Zigongosaurus’ with ease. She can even pronounce Parasaurolophus (PARA-sore-OLO-fiss) and Xenotarsosaurus (ZEE-no-tuss-us-ORE-iss).

Total genius. I’ve videoed her performance and sent it to all my family. I’m so proud of her insane capacity for big words.

‘You are past the point in life where you could impress people with the size of your vocabulary.’

— Albert Joseph, Put it in Writing

Ironically, once she hits about 20-ish and gets a ‘real’ job, she’ll be wise to rein in her vocabulary to get others to understand her. Even if Hannah becomes a palaeontologist, she’ll have to save her dinosaur words for other palaeontologists. (Though at the moment, she wants to become a mermaid. Or a builder.)

Words are for your readers

Once you’re at work, words are no longer about showing how clever you are. They’re about communicating ideas so your readers can put in minimal effort and still understand you perfectly.

Image of Hannah the mermaid

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