The WriteMark symbol of clarity

The WriteMark® is an internationally recognised quality mark awarded to documents written to a high standard of plain English. It tells your customers you care about making your information easy to understand and act on.

Image, WriteMark logo.

Let your customers know how much you care with the WriteMark®

A document that carries the WriteMark®:

Image, WriteMark symbol of clarity on one of Kiwi Insure's documents.

The WriteMark symbol of clarity on one of Kiwi Insure’s documents.

How to achieve a WriteMark®

To achieve a WriteMark®, send your document to the assessment team. They’ll tell you if your document meets the standard.

From there, you can choose to:

What our clients say

Outstanding work everyone: the advice was thorough and thoughtful. Thank you again for the time and effort put into this by your team.

Nick Mereu
Insurance Council NZ

Thanks very much. The WriteMark assessment has been so helpful!

Review of a brochure
Organ Donation NZ


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