Learn to read faster than you ever thought possible

Colleen Trolove | August 18, 2015

Have you seen that incredible Honda ad?

It’s true. You can push yourself to go faster. The ad proves your brain can read text — and understand it — at more than twice your normal speed.

Invest a day with us and learn how to do it without being plugged into a machine. Gain the ability to soar through that stack of stuff you need to read in half the time.

We can all do the most incredible things when we push a bit harder. Let us show you how.

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Why bother reading faster?

Reading faster can actually help you understand more. Don’t believe it? Here’s what one of our clients said about our Advanced Reading course.

This really challenged my preconceptions about reading and comprehension. I was amazed at how reading quickly actually improved my understanding of the content.

Reading faster also saves you time and money — helping you feel less fatigued and less stressed. Who wouldn’t want that?

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