It’s really clear: a new Code for bank customers earns the WriteMark

Inez Romanos | June 7, 2018

Once a veil of fog floated between the old Code of Banking Practice and its readers. The writers of the Code understood it, but could not be sure that their customers did. The fog was a nuisance, and the New Zealand Bankers’ Association (NZBA) wanted to be clear. They wanted to do right by their customers.

The NZBA decided to start over. But they wanted more from the Code than just a clear document. They wanted proof for customers that they’d done all they could to make the Code easy to understand.

The NZBA came to us at Write, the clarity makers, and asked how to attain the WriteMark.

The Code of Banking Practice has received the WriteMark, New Zealand’s mark of document quality.

Five promises, plain and simple

They created a new Code of Banking Practice, which sets out the five things that banks promise to do, using a simple format. They wanted customers to clearly understand how their bank will handle fairness, clear communication, privacy and security, responsible lending, and complaints.

We checked the Code against the WriteMark, a rigorous plain language standard for clarity, grammar, and presentation. The NZBA’s deputy chief executive, Antony Buick-Constable, said, ‘We were delighted to achieve the WriteMark. It helped us produce a much stronger document — something we’re proud of.’

Clarity builds trust

WriteMark founder Lynda Harris said, ‘We know that clear communication builds trust — a crucial ingredient in any financial relationship. By seeking the WriteMark, the Association is demonstrating the high value it places on trusting, positive relationships with bank customers.’

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