How to create, promote, sustain, and celebrate a change to plain language

At the outset of any organisational change, the path ahead can seem
overwhelming. But there are tools available to make sure that path is clear, and the outcome as successful and effective as possible.

In her book Rewrite: How to overcome daily sabotage of your brand and profit, Write CEO Lynda Harris describes some of these tools.

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Getting buy-in for your project 

One of Lynda’s first tools for running a successful change project is to get buy-in from management, and preferably from the very top. Once you’re clear about your motive for changing your writing culture, you’ll need to write a compelling business case.

To get buy-in, your business case might include:

Gaining support from across your organisation

Having support from management is an extremely effective tool in any successful change management project. But if you’re having trouble getting that support, you may find it useful to gather support from other parts of your organisation before you present your business case.

In their book Switch: How to change things when change is hard, Chip and Dan Heath talk about finding ‘bright spots’. Seek out people and processes already (and often unknowingly) aligned with your goal that can be rallied to support your vision.

Ask yourself:

Forty tips for a successful change management project

Rewrite includes 40 tips for success based on stories from the ‘plain English coalface’.

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