How simple words can make difficult actions easier

Eleanor Meecham | April 29, 2021

Some problems are so big that action seems too hard. Instead, you hear discussions about what should be done. Or aspirations about what could be done. Or a lot of hot air about what other people ought to do. But talk alone doesn’t get results.

Climate change feels like this, right? Too big. Too hard. For someone else to deal with.

What you need is a plan. A step-by-step guide that breaks down the problem into achievable actions. And yes, that means more words. But the right words, delivered in the right way.

Enter the Climate Action Toolbox

The Climate Action Toolbox is a bunch of helpful words set in a compelling design. It’s full of inspiring stories from real people that prove change is possible.

The Toolbox is for small businesses in New Zealand. If you run one or work in one, check it out. You’ll get personalised advice that you can shortlist and save for later. And you can start taking climate action right away.

We love working on projects that make a difference

We feel privileged to have played a part in creating the Toolbox. We worked closely with the very clever folks at Sustainable Business Network,, and DNA Design. Their passion and commitment to this project was truly inspiring.

The project also has support from a range of public and private agencies: BNZ, EECA, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Meridian, and Waka Kotahi. Plus more than 40 small businesses who contributed their smarts, enthusiasm, and climate action stories.

Words have power. Wielded well, they can change the world. We love working with people who think the same.

Climate action needs all of us

The Toolbox took shape with the help of many hands and minds. It’s the perfect metaphor for tackling climate change. It will take all of us — from governments to businesses to individuals. Together we’ll have a greater impact.

Ready to make the world a better place? Get started today.

Climate Action Toolbox

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