Free* ‘Marketing Me’ workshop to jumpstart your career

Jayne Dalmer | December 6, 2016

Has all this shaking got you down?

Feeling wobbly in the workplace and looking for ways to get your career rock steady?

Write can offer you a hand-up to get you on your feet, and get those feet in the door of your next employer.

Choose three of our February work skills workshops and get a free place on our Marketing Me course. This rejuvenating workshop will show you how to write a CV that employers want to read. You’ll learn how to get your CV noticed and win yourself an interview.

You’ll also get one-on-one advice and a free review of your polished CV.

Image, dog with paw on camera.

Is this my best side? Put your best foot forward with Write’s ‘marketing me’ workshop. Image by US Army / CC BY 2.0

*Buy three — get one free

To qualify for our free Marketing Me workshop, you’ll need to register for any three of these February workshops:

All of these workshops will give you the skills you’ll need for a smooth start to the business year ahead.

The early bird catches an economical worm

Enrol in our February workshops soon to claim your free Marketing Me workshop and qualify for an early bird discount.

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