How to find ‘flow’ when you’re writing

Lynda Harris | June 28, 2018

Image, Illustration of a brain connected to a heart.

Finding ‘flow’ with the heart–brain connection. Image by i3alda / Canstock

When you’re ‘in flow’, writing is easy. The words glide almost effortlessly onto your page. You’re clear, insightful, creative, and efficient. But all too often writing isn’t like that. Sometimes it’s supremely hard to get started and we find ourselves at a loss for ideas and inspiration.

We’d all like to be ‘in flow’ more often. Right? I’ve found an astoundingly effective tool that helps — a lot. It’s called HeartMath.

Thoroughly grounded in 40 years of research and evidence, HeartMath is a form of biofeedback training that uses signals from your heart, directed by your brain, to significantly improve cognitive function and output. And much more.

Using the science of HRV (heart rate variability) and ‘coherence’ between heartbeat and breath, HeartMath trains our body and brain to work better. We feel better, we perform better, and that elusive state of ‘flow’ becomes much more accessible.

See the science behind HeartMath

See the benefits of HeartMath

I’ve been using my HeartMath ‘InnerBalance’ app for a few months now and love it! The app trains body and mind to work harmoniously, helping you live life with more heart, purpose, ease, and clarity.

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