Come and support the Plain English Awards’ film fundraiser!

We’re proud supporters of New Zealand’s Plain English Awards. Join us for a fundraiser event at the end of the month to support these annual Awards.

About the evening

The Awards have organised an advance showing of The Professor and the Madman before the film features in Wellington’s British Film Festival.

You’ll have more than just the film for your entertainment on the evening. Organisers will be offering raffle tickets for a ‘pamper hamper’. And they’ll have wine and refreshments available for purchase. Make sure you bring cash for these extra items.

So grab a friend and come along for an evening of fun and entertainment, all in a good cause!

About the film

Based on the worldwide best-selling novel by Simon Winchester, The Professor and the Madman is an extraordinary true tale of madness, genius, and obsession. Featuring Mel Gibson and Sean Penn, the film follows two remarkable men creating history in writing The Oxford English Dictionary.

‘One of the greatest films you have ever seen! A film born, literally, of words and the paradoxical. This incredible true story highlights the captivating and tragic friendship between two brilliant men. Where words become a code of friendship and the thin line between beauty and madness.’

‘This movie is the best I’ve seen in a long time. A story of forgiveness, redemption, and finding purpose. Sean Penn and Gibson are great!’

‘One of the best thought-provoking and insightful movies I’ve seen in months, maybe years. With an all-star cast, The Professor and the Madman reflects the importance of words, but more importantly, forgiveness. So much is at stake in this movie — lives, family, friends, professions and a mission. You will be riveted as the story unfolds!’

Why the Awards need your support

New Zealand’s Plain English Awards are run by the WriteMark Plain English Awards Trust. This Trust is a not-for-profit charity, so it relies on support from people like you to exist.

What’s so important about the Plain English Awards? For 14 years they’ve been bringing to the public’s attention our right to understand what’s communicated to us. We agree with the Awards that every person has a democratic right to understand and act on information communicated to them, and that we’ll have a fairer and more just society when this is achieved.

The Plain English Awards celebrate those individuals and organisations that are getting it right, and offers incentives to those with work to do.

Find out more about the fundraiser on 31 October and get your tickets

Find out more about why we sponsor the Plain English Awards

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