Beautiful example of simple, empowering communication

Colleen Trolove | April 26, 2017

Image of Edison showing her three steps to help Africa

Edison showing her three steps to help Africa. Image by Edison / from Facebook

A girl’s plan came up on my Facebook feed this morning. I was touched by its simplicity and power.

Any art for Africa – Edison’s campaign on Facebook 

Her video communicates clearly whether the sound is on or off. The three key words in red show three clear steps. The steps are easy to do.

To help starving children in Africa, I ask a child I know to draw a picture. And then I buy it. The money goes to Africa.

I lived in rural Africa for a year. The devastating poverty surrounded me, got inside my head, and never left. But I left, came back to safe New Zealand, made a few donations … and now I do nothing because it’s all too overwhelming.

This girl, with her three simple steps, gave me a way to act. What a spectacular example of clear communication. Thank you, Edison.

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