Add vanilla — taste the difference!

Image, Bottle of vanilla essence beside a vanilla pod.

Image by Shutterstock

It makes for an interesting day when you find your company logo on a competitor’s website. Even more so when the text describes you as ‘vanilla’!

Luckily I’m crazy about vanilla. Pure vanilla extract, vanilla pod, vanilla paste — you name it, it’s in my pantry. The second most expensive spice after saffron, sourced from exotic orchids in Madagascar and Tahiti, vanilla is the secret ingredient with an impeccable pedigree. The more than 400 aromatic flavour notes in that beautiful bean add a subtle smoothness and richness to whatever tantalising mouthful it’s paired with.

Vanilla isn’t showy. It doesn’t take over. It generously, and reliably, creates a sure foundation to let other ingredients shine.

You can count on vanilla.

Get a taste of vanilla here

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