A simple way to boost your performance and productivity at work

Anne-Marie Chisnall | February 22, 2017

Ever wished you could cut your reading time in half? Think of the advantages of taking only half the time to read all those reports and articles that pass across your desk. What a gain in productivity that would be for so many of us!

Every day we’re faced with large numbers of documents that we need to read, understand, and act on. We’re expected to analyse complex information, then make decisions that show how effective we are at our jobs.

Sometimes we feel less than effective. Reading for the workplace needs greater skills than most of us have practised since leaving formal education.

Boost your reading fitness

Here’s the good news to combat this bleak picture. You can boost your reading fitness, and your productivity, by learning some new reading techniques. You’ll improve your reading speed — and at the same time, you’ll improve how well you understand the content you’re reading.

It might sound too good to be true, or even a little scary, but the results are clear. Our Advanced Reading course teaches you sophisticated processing skills that mean you’ll read a lot faster, as well as being more likely to remember what you’ve read.

Advanced Reading isn’t that kale smoothie (you know it’s good for you but it doesn’t really taste that good)! It’s a fun way to learn under the expert guidance of our specially trained tutor.

Get your place or book an Advanced Reading workshop for your team and see your reading fitness grow.

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