A communication coach in your pocket

Jayne Dalmer | December 16, 2020

Sometimes you’re staring at a screen, desperate for inspiration. Sometimes it’s a niggle that something’s not quite right. And sometimes you just feel alone and in the dark about the right thing to do.

You need a clear path and an expert voice — and you need it fast.

Write’s canny consultants — advisors, trainers, writers, and editors — have joined together to bring you an on-tap community and a library of help to light your way.

In an average year, our team of 30-plus edit and create millions of words, and run 500 workshops that help nearly 6,000 people get better results from their writing.

With every project, Write gains new insight about how best to support people in their daily real-world communication challenges. We’ve turned this into short, practical, and fun content, no matter where you are.

You can reach for this help whenever you need it — whether you’re niggled by a noun or staring into the abyss of an abysmal assignment.

Four thumbnail images of digital course examples, including ‘Create Captivating Web Content’, ‘Write Persuasive Proposals’, ‘Tone Matters’, and ‘The Ten Elements of Clear Writing’.

A path to professional communication can make a world of difference. Image by Write Limited / CC BY-NC-ND

An instant instructor, whatever you’re working on

Write Online offers instant access to short videos, full courses, templates, checklists, practical tools, and live Q&A events hosted by our experts.

You might need a quick fix for a comma conundrum; a way to sort out your thinking ahead of an important presentation; or to understand what ‘storytelling at work’ is all about. You might need a hand structuring your report, or advice on how to get the right tone and the result you want from a tricky email.

Members of the Write Online community get immediate access to all the techniques and insights our writers have honed over Write’s 30 years in the business. We’ve taken our cues about the most relevant and useful content from our work with clients, our own research, and our international plain language partners.

And we’ve made sure this expertise is available to you at the time and in the form that suits you best. You have options for long-term, in-depth learning, as well as fast insights and micro-learning. We know people need different things at different times, and a quick win with a comma today could become part of a profound insight into higher productivity and powerful communication tomorrow.

Preview sample Language and Grammar video on ‘Commas: Follow rules or trust your instinct?’, with thumbnails of other videos on dashes and hyphens, exclamation marks, and writing headings.

From comma conundrum to communication brilliance. Image by Write Limited / CC BY-NC-ND

Fresh bites are even more fulfilling

With fresh content every month, our community of learners can continually layer new knowledge, make connections to the latest tools and insights, and hear from other members on the frontier of today’s communication challenges.

When you join the Write Online community, you can:

You’re in charge of your programme

We’ve kept things flexible and varied so you can plan your own programme. You can choose to complete a whole course or watch just one video.

Preview video ‘Manage your web content with a powerful template’.

Learn at your own pace and in your own way. Image by Write Limited / CC BY-NC-ND

A free sample is always tasty

And what’s better than on-tap tips, tools, and tutorials from our talented team of consultants?

For a free 7-day trial, head to writeonline.co.nz now and sample our current library of content for free! If you like what you see, you can sign up for membership, dive deeper into the community, and get fresh content every month that will have you writing like an expert, no matter what the situation.

Think of it as having a communication coach in your pocket.

Thumbnail images of 8 digital products: ‘The Ten Elements of Clear Writing’, ‘Tone Matters’, ‘Language and grammar advice that makes a difference’, ‘Plain Language Foundations’, ‘Create captivating web content’, ‘How to give useful feedback on writing’, ‘Storytelling at Work’, and ‘Write persuasive proposals’.

Assorted samplers ready to be unwrapped. Image by Write Limited / CC BY-NC-ND

Try it out today and choose your own path to clarity. Start with a problem you have right now and layer on new topics that spark interest.

And if you find yourself staring at a screen, make sure it’s one that’s staring back with a helpful and friendly face.

Insights, tips, and professional development opportunities.